Brattle Square Florist

Brattle Square Florist, a locally owned business, has been selling flowers in Harvard Square since 1917.

Brattle Square Florist a locally owned business has been selling flowers in Harvard Square since 1917

Our store in Harvard Square is unlike any other flower shop. It is a living oasis of flowers and plants. Many customers come just to surround themselves with the sights and smells of the store. Anti-contemporary, our flower shop most closely resembles an open air European market.

Come for the Flowers

We stock and display the largest selection of fresh cut flowers from all over the world. including orchids, roses, calla lilies, asiatic and oriental lilies, gerber daisies, pin cushion protea, delphinium, agapanthus, snapdragon, sunflowers, tulips, birds of paradise, ginger, carnations, daisies, peonies and more. We sell all of these flowers by the stem, by the bunch or arranged into a beautiful mixed bouquet. You can create your own bouquet or enlist our help to build one for you.

Come for the Plants

We stock a large selection of indoor plants both green and flowering, large and small. Most of our plants are very easy to maintain making them ideal for the home, offices or dorm rooms. We carry a very large selection of orchid plants which is a great option for a long-lasting, easy-to-care-for, flowering plant.

If you are driving, street parking in Harvard Square can be tricky. If you are pressed for time, call ahead with your order and we'll deliver it to you curbside on Brattle Street.